Benefits of Following Pilot Learning and Training Program in Australia

Training Program
Being a pilot does have a fairly high salary and also has its own pride in himself. However, behind it all as a pilot has a fairly high risk of also having to maintain and be responsible with all the passengers on board. For that, there is no harm as a pilot must follow the pilot training in order to obtain more knowledge about the world of flight. There are many places that can be used by you to participate in education and training pilots. Australia is one country which provides an opportunity for those who wish to take part in education and training pilots. Following the pilot program alone will not make you regret it because there are many advantages to be gained. What are the advantages to be gained by following the education and training of pilots in Australia? Let’s refer to the following article:

Improve foreign language skills

Sign schools pilot or pilot also became the first capital that must-have is the language. English is a language that must be understood by a pilot. Being a pilot is a profession that must come face to face with passengers from many countries that have their own languages. However, you understand and understand English, then this makes it easier to communicate. English is a universal language so that more people who understand English. By following the education and training of pilots in Australia, the advantages to be gained is that you can increase the foreign language skills you mainly English. In addition to English, you can also learn the language of Australia.

Enlarge the opportunities to quickly get a job

The second advantage gained from education and training pilots in Australia, in addition to improving foreign language skills, you will also get the advantage of others. The advantages to be gained by you to participate in education and training of pilots in Australia is increase your chances of quickly finding a job. This is due in Australia itself has a high aviation standards. The Australian standard is a standard owned by CASA.

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Get more flight hours

A further advantage gained from the education and training pilots in Australia is make you to get more flight hours. Hours flew into one of the essential requirement of being a pilot let alone becoming a professional pilot. To become a pilot himself must have the number of flying hours that many more hours of flying is found, it will help you to become a pilot. Therefore, for those who still have less flying hours, it never hurts to try to follow the existing education and training in Australia. With your education and training, then you will increase flying hours. For example, you have 213 flying hours flying hours, then it could be 220 flight hours.

Getting a lot of friend

Facebook is one of the means to gain a lot of friends. However, not only through Facebook you will make friends. Following the education and training of pilots in the country, of course, in addition to gaining experience and deepen English language, you will also get a lot of real friends and be able to exchange ideas. This is because the education and training pilots in Australia is certainly not of one country only. However, there are many countries that will contribute to follow the education and training of pilots.

Thus the advantages to be gained by you all to participate in education and training of pilots in Australia. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you who want to become a pilot.

You Will Be Disqualified, If You Have These Diseases

Joining flight school is not easy although parents have much money to pay tuition fee for their children. Is it true? Yes, of course it is true because pilot school is very selective and careful of accepting students. If students don’t fulfill their requirements, they will eliminate those students as soon as possible. Are you interested in joining pilot school? If you are, aside from preparing much budget, you are highly recommended to prepare your physical. Your body must be health because you will never succeed to pass all tests, especially if you have these diseases:

Color blind

This disease is caused by many things

  1. Other diseases, such as: Alzheimer, glaucoma, neuritic optic, leukemia, diabetes, macular degeneration, and so on
  2. Age
  3. Genetic
  4. Chemical material, like disulfide carbon and fertilizer
  5. Side effect of certain medical treatments, such as: pheytoin, sildenafil, chloroquine, and digoxin.

Color blind usually makes people unable to look red, green, blue, and combination of these colors. The worst part is if people deal with serious color blind, they cannot look color at all. Thus, how can you fly aircraft if you cannot distinguish button colors in aircraft? Anyway, if you get color blind, do you have chance to join pilot school? The answer is definitely no because this disease is difficulty to be treated.


Deaf is one of the serious health disorders. This disease happens because ears infection, meningitis, otosclerosis, nerve damage, acoustic trauma, and so on. People who deal with deaf will get difficulty in hearing sound so they will never understand what people discuss. If you get this health disorder too, of course, your opportunity to join pilot school is none. You will be eliminated earlier because this disease will make you unable to listen to instructions when learning in class and flying aircraft. What if students use hearing aids? Pilot school parties remain eliminated them because their cadets must have good physical condition. If you don’t trust about this rule, ask yourself “have you seen pilots who use hearing aids?

Lung disorder

What happens next when flying aircraft, you get pain in your lung immediately? Of course, aircraft will fall down and make you die. This cannot be tolerated by pilot school parties. That is why they do medical check to know whether cadet candidates deal with lung disorder. If you deal with serious disease, don’t hope that you can join pilot school. Imagine if you are shocked when listening to loud noise or bad information, what will happen next? You will lose awareness and then be treated medical center or hospital. Yup, victims of lung disorder are usually unable to listen to loud noise or bad information that make them shocked. In this condition, their lung will stop working so blood cannot flow normally. If this problem is not solved soon, you will die.

Thus, maintain your body’s health as well as possible and make sure that you do medical checkup minimum once 6 months. What if you deal with one of serious diseases above? Never give up! You should take medical treatments to get your health back first. If your body is health and free from disease, register and join pilot school soon.

Ways to Increase Salary for Pilots

Indeed there are several factors that determine the salary of a pilot among flight hours, length of service, and airline work place. If you want to increase the salaries can continue to add hours of flying, becoming loyal pilots in the airline one, or just move to airline top.

Salary for PilotsPilot predicted as a prestigious profession. Not because the salary of a pilot himself included in the category of the highest salaries. These benefits must balance when viewed from the pilots is very high risk, where each job should bet with personal lives, crew, and passengers. Not to mention who have little time to gather with family and health risks (skin cancer, cataracts, etc.). However, the pilot also people who want to continue to increase salaries. The following factors could be the trigger: has had a family to give welfare life by fulfilling all the needs and desires, the price of goods are more expensive, the new family members, or others. By the way, how pilots increase the salary?

Add hours of flying

Know that, the strategy could be applied to the pilot to be able to increase salaries is to increase flying hours. In other words, flight hours increased, potentially going to be promoted or promoted because of his experience more qualified, and in conjunction with these conditions will increase salaries. How do I add hours of flying? By increasing flight license. To get the flight license, means must join the pilot school because education is not only theory but also practical training flight at the pilot school. These practices are contributing to the increase flying hours. Pilot license must be held to be a captain with a monthly salary of 70 million rupiah per month is ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). This license demonstrates the ability of the pilot to fly the aircraft more capable so that pilots can fly any aircraft in accordance with the listed in license or type rating. Another alternative is to run two jobs simultaneously rather is a flight instructor pilot at the pilot school. However, you must have an additional rating Flight Instructor (FI).

Move to top airline

In addition to hours of flying, do you know what affects the pilot salary? Exactly, airline where pilots work. Like the employees working in the company in the form of PT certainly will have a bigger salary than employees working in a private company or CV. Similarly, the pilot who worked in the airline’s top will have higher salaries than pilots working in the airline no herb. Therefore, if the pilot wants to increase salaries, the pilot can move work to the top airline. One possibility could be to start a career from the beginning and the second possibility could continue a career that has left the airline in advance (given your experiences). Just enter the leading airlines is not easy. The stages of the selection are fairly difficult and tight. By the way, if it wants to stay in the airline previously also not a problem as pilot salaries are also influenced by their working lives.

Everyone is keen to increase the salaries of the pilots was no exception. For a pilot, salary increases can be two ways above.

How to Bea a Foreign Pilot

external pilotBeing a pilot would be proud ideals both for themselves and those around. In addition to getting a high salary, being a pilot also had the opportunity to see or visit to various countries without having to pay. However, behind it all to become a pilot, of course, has its drawbacks. This is because a pilot has considerable risk. Whether it be a pilot in the country and abroad. Despite being a pilot has a fairly high risk, but there are still many people who are interested in becoming a pilot. There are many people who are interested in becoming a pilot overseas due to get paid quite high. However, to be a pilot overseas, of course, must meet the requirements that have been determined. Do you know how to become a pilot overseas? For those of you who are interested in becoming a pilot overseas, here’s how:

Have good English language skills

To be a good pilot become a pilot in the country and abroad, English has become the language that must be mastered. Moreover you wish to become a pilot overseas. Being a pilot himself will be face to face with passengers from many countries. Therefore, you should be able to speak good English. In addition to its passengers from various countries, a pilot must always be in touch with the ATC. The information obtained from the ATC must use the English language as well as the existing equipment in the plane. For that, start from now to learn English much better than books or followed the English lessons.

Enroll in reputable and qualified pilot school

Enroll in reputable and qualified pilot schools can be one way to be a pilot overseas. Can not be denied the quality of school can be one of the considerations for someone to be hired. Likewise for those who want to be a pilot overseas. Therefore, you have to find a school that is well-known and qualified pilots. Qualified pilot schools became important because school quality, of course, provide the facilities and infrastructure that supports.

Has a pilot’s license required

The next step to be a pilot overseas by way of a pilot’s license is required. As a pilot, you must have a license that is enough to make you easier to be a pilot overseas. Basic license must be owned by a pilot is PPL, CPL and IR. To make it easier to be accepted in the airline, it helps you license supplemented. In addition to PPL, CPL and IR, you can be supplemented with MER license. You have a license with MER, it is easier to be accepted by the airline because they do not have to train your back. Click to get a variety of information about flight schools.

Following selection in pilot acceptance that airlines

This one is no less important than the points above. There must follow the admission selection in the pilot that airlines in foreign countries. Do not focus on one airline to sign up would not hurt to enroll in any existing airline. Follow the selection carefully to what you want can be achieved. Maintaining the health and learning English becomes important to be prepared when following the selection.

To be a pilot overseas, then you must have good English skills, have the required license, following the selection in the airline, and enroll in a reputable and qualified pilot schools.

Considerations in Choosing Pilot School

pilot school top
Continuing education pilot school after studying in senior high school became one right choice. Because, after being graduated from pilot school, the cadet could apply for a job at the airline. With a permanent employee at the airline, pilots the opportunity to enhance your career. For example, a pilot who had just entered and served as second officer could be a first officer, and from first officer to captain could rise again. As shown in the above sentence that, to become a pilot itself the cadet must be educated in schools as a pilot in order to explore the science later expertise ready to be employed in the airline. However, in choosing a school there are some things that must be taken into consideration because it’s been a lot of flight schools available and in order to choose the right school.

In terms of cost

Each pilot school must have a policy regarding the costs of each. However, the overall cost of the pilot school is to reach 700 million Indonesian rupiah, mainly in the country. Cost of pilot schools abroad generally are relatively cheaper than the domestic one due to the availability of training aircraft manufacturers. However, look at the cost of life living abroad relatively more expensive, the overall cost is almost equal to the cost of schooling in the country. School fees are a huge pilot is certainly not easy to come by and prepared in an instant, even take years to collect. Therefore, in terms of cost should be considered carefully. In this case, there are only three things you can do to find the right pilot school.

  • First, if you want cheap, select the pilot schools are subsidized by the government. Acceptance of subsidy is very helpful, but it’s been rare pilot schools that offer such assistance. While there, the level of competition is very tight to get it.
  • Second, that costs a little lighter can choose a school that has a pilot installment system. Typically, the school gave sympathy for prospective cadet pilots who want to go to school but can not afford financially so that they can be assisted by providing installment program, either 3, 5, or even 12 installments.
  • Third, to be considered paid school fees, that can be done is to choose a pilot school that offers a loan at the bank, especially in collaboration with the school. But, the process of borrowing is relatively complicated because the bank will first conduct a survey to obtain assurance that exist.

From the point of facility

Which also required a consideration for choosing a school pilot is from the point of amenities. Such as high schools in general, the facilities are very important to be considered in order to obtain the maximum knowledge. In the pilot schools, should be existing facilities such as classrooms are comfortable, adequate training aircraft, the airport train that support, a good simulator, and so forth. Examples trainer aircraft, when the pilot schools have no such facility, it will be difficult for the cadets to explore the ability to fly a plane, it could be still afraid of heights and flying hours achieved will also be minimal. Therefore, the said facility shall be considered in choosing a flight school. If possible, chose the pilot schools that provide complete facilities such as the above criteria even if it abroad.

In terms of the length of education

An interesting fact than like pilot schools compared with other high school is the duration of education. In general, school education pilot can be taken no more than 1.5 years, in fact there is only one year because of the ability acquired by cadet pilots already qualified. In this case, the duration of education is also very into consideration, it is better to choose a pilot school that has a duration less education because in addition to saving the cost of tuition is also a great opportunity to find a job more quickly.

Cost, facilities, and length of education are three important things to consider in choosing a pilot school because of three things will be the background or very influential in career when it plunged into the world of work.

More Value of Joining Pilot School

Many people who wish to enter the pilot school. However, not all prospective students receive. This is because the pilot school for admission, prospective students must follow the various series of tests first. Both tests physical and academic tests. Physical tests will be conducted as a test height, eyes, ears, and so forth. As for the academic test yourself you will be tested on English and math. Although the pilot schools to get into difficult, there are many people vying for entry. Why? Because incoming pilot schools provide a distinct advantage for prospective students. This is because the incoming pilot schools have more value, while the value of rest is:

Shorter duration of study

Value offered by the school regarding the duration of the first pilot study. For those of you who do not want to linger to enjoy education, you can select the pilot schools. Pilot schools provide study duration shorter than other universities. There are many pilot schools that offer a shorter study duration. You can select a school that offers a pilot study for 8 months duration or longer than 1 year. When you choose a school that offers a shorter duration, of course, can provide benefits. The advantage to studying the brief is to reduce spending. The pilot schools which offer more speedy learning duration is AAAA (All Asia Aviation Academy) that offer learning approximately 1 year.

Proficient in English and counting

Advantages given hereinafter pilot school is the academic. As a student or prospective student is required to master the English language and numeracy. This is because when you have been a student pilot, instructor and guide books that will be studied in English. Therefore, before you can get away, you will take the test in English and math first. If you do not speak English, then you can choose the school that is providing an opportunity for you to learn English. By doing so, you will be proficient in English and math.

Could learn to fly a plane

Go to college, of course, you cannot fly a plane instead? To be able to learn how to fly, of course, is only in the pilot schools. It is certain to be performed by student pilots. This is because the pilot school is a school that is in fact about the world of flight. For those who want to learn to fly planes, just select the pilot schools. You learn to fly a plane, and then the ideals of small who want to see the view from the top can be realized even though you have not become a pilot. Well, for those of you who want to really get to learn to fly a plane, and then select the schools that have complete and adequate facilities such as aircraft and airports.

Greater job opportunities

By selecting pilot schools, the opportunity to get a job will be greater. This can happen because your study time shorter so it will be less competitors to get a job. Moreover, to the knowledge and experience of course, no doubt. To further get you the job opportunities are greater, then you can select the pilot schools that have collaborated with the airline in order to later be distributed.

How to you who do not want to linger to learn? Are you interested to go to school pilot?